The Late Bloomer Blog

I’m already annoying myself with this.

Start a blog in January? It couldn’t be more cliché.

Create another thing I may not finish? I don’t need that.

Send another design/lifestyle confessional out into the world? You don’t need that.


There’s a new-ish restaurant in Kansas City called the Broadway Deli. We pass it several times a month on the way to church downtown. Every time we drive by, my husband says, “Oh wow, look at their sign: ‘Thought about since 1964.’– that’s great!” as if the sign’s new to him each time.

I silently eye-roll/agree because, you know, he’s said this before. But I also silently envy whoever the owner is here.

I admire the guts it takes to follow-through on an idea that ruminated for years. This isn’t the first deli. I’m sure it’s not even the first “Broadway Deli” in the world. And I hear chance of failure in the restaurant business is the highest of any other business. But all that doesn’t matter when you have a nudge that won’t budge for half of a century. You just do it, finally.

At least 43 different things come to mind when I consider what I’ve thought about doing in my 43 years but haven’t actually done them. I prefer to be instantly perfect at something rather than practicing it until I am. Thus, I don’t finish much. Following through on a blog idea being one of them.

So this will be a practice for me in many things. And practice alone is something I need to practice. Just laying down these “rules” for myself and this blog makes me itchy.


  • Posts will generate from 30-minute daily free-writing sessions.

  • To be satisfied with good enough, these posts will be short and not filled with things I have to research and annotate. Unless I want to.

  • I will practice daily writing and monthly posting for one year.

  • I will not seek the approval of other writers before I post or of readers after I post.  

I have thousands of excuses not to try this. Being about 15 years too late to the blogging game is one of them. Anything that smacks of imitation, trying too hard or self-promotion grosses me out. So this feels gross.


I’ve been a late bloomer at many things in my life. Perhaps more on that in future posts. But I’ve also found deep layers of joy and purpose in those moments of fruition, however late I am. Maybe because of how late I am. Tending to the Late-Bloomer Blog may be one of them.

 Thank you, Broadway Deli. I’ll take a Reuben sandwich, cheese and sauerkraut only.

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